Welcome to Clearsphere

Clearsphere is your preferred source for residential energy efficiency and sustainability consulting, home evaluation, home testing and hands-on training. We operate in the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario.

We believe that high performance homes are accomplished through a process of continuous improvement and through the integration of all parties involved.

We work with Production and Custom Builders, Renovators, Building Trades, Manufacturers, Architects and Designers, Municipal Building Officials and homeowners.

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Introducing John Godden

I've developed my expertise over the last 25 years, first as a builder of energy efficient homes and then as a consultant and rater to builders and renovators of sustainable homes. This unique perspective gives me a pragmatic and hands-on approach to sustainable home building. I know what works and what doesn’t work and that allows me to provide sound advice to the builders, designers and manufacturers that I work with.

In recent years Clearsphere has transformed to become one of Canada’s leading energy and green evaluating companies. We have certified and inspected over 10,000 homes based on R-2000, ENERGY STAR, EnerGuide for New Homes and LEED Canada for Homes. I've had the pleasure of being the primary consultant and evaluator for Canada’s 1st EnerGuide subdivision (Riverstone Lifestyle Community), 1st Green subdivision of LEED Platinum homes and the 1st market driven solar subdivision in Richmond Hill.

Given home construction practices have not changed in roughly the last 50 years, I'm truly proud of the leadership that I have provided to Canadian builders and renovators. My vision is to create a market driven system that is supported by the integration of our diverse industry – builders, renovators, manufacturers, suppliers, trade contractors, designers, consultants, sales agents, building officials, energy raters, and government representatives.

I look forward to working with you. Thanks, John

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